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Introducing Beverly

bevblogIt is with great pleasure that we introduce Beverly to the People Are Amazing team. In addition to applying her anthropological brain at IF, she also organizes New York’s Pecha Kucha movement, has a thing for acrylic furniture, and favors dogs and cats equally.


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Motorcycle Federation’s Choppers and Capuccino


One would think that a biker gear store would be on a little side street in Alphabet City. Newly opened NYC Motorcycle Federation disproves this theory, defiantly sitting on 6th Ave and Downing next to the hip 10 Downing restaurant and across from celebrity-ridden Da Silvano’s. Gleaming vintage bikes and racks of worn leather jackets are juxtaposed with an Illy cafe counter, and a signboard outside the store that cheerfully announces “Refueling station. The best espresso you have ever had”

It makes you curious about the espresso-imbibing NY biker community. To find more, I visited MF’s site:


While I cannot claim to be intimately acquainted with biker culture, I’m not sure that the phrase “outlaw couture” would roll off the tongues of your traditional Harley-driver. But it’s a new world, and who says you can’t mix Italian espresso with rough and tumble, free wi-fi with rebellion, or energy-efficiency with an engine’s roar?

Rumor has it that  the store was conceived by the talented duo behind fashion-technology-super-trendy DDCLAB. Whether or not this concept hits the mark with bikers, I must admit that I already enjoy their coffee and wifi… and a leather jacket may be next. –Kat

March 1, 2009 at 12:42 pm