Craig Bamsey On The Crisis Food Economy

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Here at P.A.A., we like overturning rocks and digging in the dirt. But let’s face it, sometimes we need an extra hand getting to the bottom of things. Starting this week, we will be welcoming guest bloggers, who we hope will expose us and our readers to some fresh new ideas. Our inaugural guest blogger is especially near and dear to us. As CEO of Infinia Foresight, and overall awesome boss, Craig shares our child-like curiosity for combing culture. So without further adieu, here are Craig’s thoughts on food and finance… –Johnny

At a birthday gathering for my son’s classmate in the New York ‘burbs this weekend, I struck up a conversation with a dad who runs a party and catering service. Naturally, given the headlines, the conversation turned to the economy, to the banking and credit crisis, and how all of it was effecting his very economy- (and finance industry)-dependent small business.

It turns out that he’s doing fairly well. His business held “flat” vs. last year in September, which he counted as a major success, and he remains optimistic. His hope seemed to spring from three key tenets:

  1. People always need to eat, for richer or poorer
  2. People take comfort in food and having a good time–particularly when times are bad
  3. In order to get all the massive financial restructuring, mergers and deals done that this crisis has precipitated, there have been veritable armies of investment bankers and lawyers sequestered in small rooms for days at a time throughout the city. They take no breaks. They don’t go out. All of their sustenance is catered in. For days on end.

Voila: The Crisis Food Micro-Economy.

I have often quipped that everything and anything is ‘of scale’ in New York City. There is enough diversity and enough people here to create a quorum–or micro-economy–around almost any topic or interest. You’re into Somalian Neolithic Pottery? No problem, there are undoubtedly three competing discussion groups that meet somewhere in the city on a weekly basis.

These hot pockets of Crisis Food are the latest eclectic microtrend to inhabit this endlessly fertile habitat of the greater New York Metropolitan Area. Its lifespan may be briefer than some, but the memories will undoubtedly last a lifetime–at least for those directly involved.

It is somehow deeply comforting to know that in this great capitol of capitalism we call home, even in the worst of times, someone is still making an honest buck with a viable business model providing quality service. Long live the American Way.


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