Yogurt Can Do Anything! Current TV Mocks Activia, Yoplait

May 21, 2008 at 7:21 pm Leave a comment

If I were made to watch commercials all day long, it’s quite likely I would put my head through the TV. As entertaining as it is to sit back and pick apart 30 second spots, its scary to think of the subtle sociological impact of certain horrible ads. In playing to their audience’s highest aspirations, advertisers often reinforce a fantasy world where every brand, regardless of the service or product offered, exists to inspire a more fulfilling and joyful life for us all. Take Cialis’ wholesome package: not only improved sexual performance, but a wife who loves you again, a beautiful home, a golden retriever and an empty beach stretching far into the horizon…

Luckily, not everyone has swallowed the happy pill. In Current TV’s sarcastic segment called Target: Women, host Sarah Haskins takes marketers and advertisers to task for what she perceives as phoniness and emotional pandering. The segment uses a compilation of yogurt commercials to illustrate the lack of authenticity that plagues female-focused marketing. In the lala land of commercials breaks, women lounge around all day in bathrobes with their girlfriends gabbing about how good their yogurt tastes. And while the actors do not all look the same, they certainly represent the same transparent target segments. “Yogurt eaters come from every race, but just one socioeconomic class: the class that wears grey hoodies, it’s that, ‘I have master’s but then I got married’ look,” quips Haskins. Now if only us menfolk had someone to fight TV’s pervasive fumbling husband stereotype.

Check out the video here. — Johnny


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