Drive Less / Walk More

May 5, 2008 at 12:48 pm Leave a comment

My friend Kunur at Creativity Magazine pointed me to the very excellent work of Stephen Kelleher, aka Frankenstyles, a Brooklyn-based illustrator who is launching a series of high-concept Public Service Announcements. Based around the theme of “Drive Less / Walk More,” he has enlisted several of his designer friends (including Brian Gossett) to collaboratively spread the word, culminating in a limited-run print series with original work from each designer.

The first poster, called “I’m Tryna Walk Here” (which can be purchased here for a measly $40), clearly has a labor-of-love feeling to it. It is both whimsical and cartoonish, but with a level of meticulousness and detail that belies the seriousness of the message behind it. When I asked Stephen about it, he explained: “These posters are a fun sideline project for us as we spend most of our time working on commercials with big brand gloss.

Given the way this first one’s shaped up, I’m excited to see more. –John


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